Flamingo Print

The other week I took a long drive to Brighton with three main objectives in mind: To pick up printmaking supplies from TN Lawrence, eating a hugely decadent cake in Choccywoccydoodah and visiting the board games cafe The Dice Saloon. I’m happy to report that I achieved all of these things, and even got to skip along the beach and wander around the Lanes.


Whilst l sat down in Choccywoccydoodah, awaiting my insanely calorific six layer chocolate cake, I admired a nearby table that had a fantastic flamingo design. It was quite kitsch, and I felt inspired to create a flamingo design of my own. It was a good thing that I picked up more Lino and paper, because I had a very busy creative week! I sketched a few ideas and came up with a design that featured a pretty flamingo surrounded by pineapple leaves and an ornate frame.


The print came out nice and bold, and as usual I toyed with the idea of keeping it black and white but flamingoes are such a fabulous colour it would be rude to not colour him in! So I cracked open the old watercolours and had a nice little painting session.


The finished print looks pretty colourful and perhaps not as kitsch as the table flamingo, but still kind of tropical! I just love being inspired and having the time to work on images when my desire is at its peak, it makes the piece feel even more special.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this weekend I’ll have some more posts up 🙂

Marisa x

This flamingo print is available at my Etsy shop here.


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